27 December 2006

The Year's End

It's fast approaching the year's end. It has been quite a year for me. Slowly making forrays into the world of creative arts - in this case filmmaking. After several years of community workshops in animation, puppetry and film I had a proposal accepted by a local film funding agency and have set about making Tsuru live!

The deadline is March

The process is slow

The desire to create is strong

The realisation that I am making it unnecessarily difficult is overwhelming!


06 December 2006

Here is the first entry in an ongoing trial - a battle of wills, really.

The "will I manage to to keep writing and posting" versus the "will I get on with my work and stop playing on the computer".

As this is the first entry, I think a quick summary is in order: This Blog shall depict, from time to time, the ongoing saga of Tsuru, a film by Tim, Matt and Tristan (even though he has just moved to Australia!). There will be images from and for the film posted, possibly a tease of narrative and occasionally a sample of sound. Following my love of silent cinema, the film is without dialogue and mostly black and white (don't you love the contrast!).

Fans of Origami may be pleased to hear that the constructive past-time features strongly within the story!