06 November 2007

Autumn calling

Here's Wilf, still doing what he does best, but now with more leaves on the ground. His attention is caught by the squirrel that has just ran past.

The toadstools and mushrooms are out in force, Here's one from earlier today.

23 October 2007

Introducing Wilfred Pickles, the dog.

Here's Wilfred Pickles doing what he does best.

Running around, rolling in the grass and making faces.

22 October 2007

Moo at Notre Dame

Andrea Joseph wanted her Moo cards seen by the continental types. On a trip to Paris I thought a video postcard of her lovely shoes (pumps) would be a nice surprise. It takes forever to upload video and I hope it works.

Well done Miss J. May you have many happy years as a Moo Card artist!

I am going to post some pictures of Toadstools soon - a whole series, so if you like Fungi, stay tuned!

01 September 2007

Andrea Joseph's Moo's on Hols.

Ooh, La La (wore that phrase a bit thin on hols)

Tram above Paris

My dear friend Anj see: http://andreajoseph24.blogspot.com/ has requested that I photograph her Moo's on holiday. due to a) poor weather, b) camera running out of battery (don't you find the digital age is taking all the power out of the world?), I only managed two pics on this trip to Paris. There is a piece of video showing another card outside Notre (the bells, the bells) Dame Cathederal that I will try and upload at some point.

Aren't her pics great.

How Exciting!

Here's a new picture. This one's from a recent trip to Paris, where I had an ice cream in front of the Eiffel Tower - No it's not Blackpool! Cheeky. Also at 900 feet up in the air there is a loo. A firm decision was made there! Imagine. From that height!

08 March 2007

Getting closer

Creating a chair

Tsuru with cat

Well, the deadline has approached, that was quick, but we have a reprive to finalise the film. Actually we are pretty much ready - just pictures, sound, movement and the film left to do! tee hee, just the sound really. Matt has worked fantastically - I don't know how he does it - well, actually he's been working around the clock quite literally doing the animated creatures - they look fabulosa! and I've been slotting them into the timeline. All has gone well - a lot of struggle with 'green screen' techniques, but no one said it would be easy. The girl, Lucy, still looks like a girl with a couple of rendered effects on her instead of the hoped for rotoscoping - but we may do something about that in the next week and a half. It is quite, quite different to the initial story, but once those girls got their hands on the script it just changed. During the filming it changed again and now during the assembling it has changed once more1 I wonder what it'll look like in the end?

Luckily my job here involves a lot of unnecessary worrying and going 'ooooohhhh!' a lot - I feel I am more than qualified to do that.

08 February 2007

Production Pics

Here are a few production pics (or Stills as they say in the biz!) that were taken a month or so ago.

As far as the log goes: Matt is staying up all night creating some animations - I am breaking down the film into separate shots to be worked on in Post production and Tristan is living the life in Australia - the swine!

Still it is snowing here - I bet they'd love some snow in Oz!

05 February 2007

Onwards and Upwards

Some of the key images of Tsuru are coming along nicely!

Here is a little taster !