01 September 2007

Andrea Joseph's Moo's on Hols.

Ooh, La La (wore that phrase a bit thin on hols)

Tram above Paris

My dear friend Anj see: http://andreajoseph24.blogspot.com/ has requested that I photograph her Moo's on holiday. due to a) poor weather, b) camera running out of battery (don't you find the digital age is taking all the power out of the world?), I only managed two pics on this trip to Paris. There is a piece of video showing another card outside Notre (the bells, the bells) Dame Cathederal that I will try and upload at some point.

Aren't her pics great.

How Exciting!

Here's a new picture. This one's from a recent trip to Paris, where I had an ice cream in front of the Eiffel Tower - No it's not Blackpool! Cheeky. Also at 900 feet up in the air there is a loo. A firm decision was made there! Imagine. From that height!