08 March 2007

Getting closer

Creating a chair

Tsuru with cat

Well, the deadline has approached, that was quick, but we have a reprive to finalise the film. Actually we are pretty much ready - just pictures, sound, movement and the film left to do! tee hee, just the sound really. Matt has worked fantastically - I don't know how he does it - well, actually he's been working around the clock quite literally doing the animated creatures - they look fabulosa! and I've been slotting them into the timeline. All has gone well - a lot of struggle with 'green screen' techniques, but no one said it would be easy. The girl, Lucy, still looks like a girl with a couple of rendered effects on her instead of the hoped for rotoscoping - but we may do something about that in the next week and a half. It is quite, quite different to the initial story, but once those girls got their hands on the script it just changed. During the filming it changed again and now during the assembling it has changed once more1 I wonder what it'll look like in the end?

Luckily my job here involves a lot of unnecessary worrying and going 'ooooohhhh!' a lot - I feel I am more than qualified to do that.